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Fri Jun 4 06:58:40 PDT 1999


For those that do not know.....

Kezia's brother (David Hines of Colorado City, Texas, way out in West
Texas), was killed in a car/truck crash Sat nite while we were at Steppes

Many, Many, Many thanks to Lord Radulfr Arnasson (Casey Wood) and Lady Freya
Eriksdottir (Kate Wood) for making a speed run back to Ravens Fort with
Kezia so she could get with her mother (Gran-Gran) and Melina to go to West

I stayed in Canton with our stuff and came home Sunday in the rain (you have
to see the video). Thanks to Sir Timo, Lady Allyson, Erikan Fox and the many
of others that helped pack up stuff from my camp and Sir Timo's
vigil/knighting before the creek rose and washed it away (again, see the

Wesley and I followed on Monday.

Thanks to Ldy Allyson and Sir Timo and Erikan for their help with the house,
so Wes and I could go to West Texas on Monday.

The funeral was Tuesday and now we are dealing with the aftermath of such a

Kezia, Gran-Gran, I and the kids send many thanks for the card of sympathy
that was brought to the house from the Barony. It was much appreciated in
this time of sorrow and need.

Sorry we missed Populace Thurs nite. But we were on the road back to

BTW, if there is anything that got loaded onto Sir Timo's trailer at
Steppes, please come get it this weekend. We need to get that settled out.

Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers.

In Service....

Kezia, Niklas, Gran-Gran and kids

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