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Wed Jun 9 13:32:56 PDT 1999

sorry to hear about this         my best wishes for your family at this time
if you need me for anything (436 9293)

Paul Gilbert wrote:

> Greetings.....
> For those that do not know.....
> Kezia's brother (David Hines of Colorado City, Texas, way out in West
> Texas), was killed in a car/truck crash Sat nite while we were at Steppes
> Warlord.
> Many, Many, Many thanks to Lord Radulfr Arnasson (Casey Wood) and Lady Freya
> Eriksdottir (Kate Wood) for making a speed run back to Ravens Fort with
> Kezia so she could get with her mother (Gran-Gran) and Melina to go to West
> Texas.
> I stayed in Canton with our stuff and came home Sunday in the rain (you have
> to see the video). Thanks to Sir Timo, Lady Allyson, Erikan Fox and the many
> of others that helped pack up stuff from my camp and Sir Timo's
> vigil/knighting before the creek rose and washed it away (again, see the
> video).
> Wesley and I followed on Monday.
> Thanks to Ldy Allyson and Sir Timo and Erikan for their help with the house,
> so Wes and I could go to West Texas on Monday.
> The funeral was Tuesday and now we are dealing with the aftermath of such a
> deal.
> Kezia, Gran-Gran, I and the kids send many thanks for the card of sympathy
> that was brought to the house from the Barony. It was much appreciated in
> this time of sorrow and need.
> Sorry we missed Populace Thurs nite. But we were on the road back to
> Huntsville.
> BTW, if there is anything that got loaded onto Sir Timo's trailer at
> Steppes, please come get it this weekend. We need to get that settled out.
> Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers.
> In Service....
> Kezia, Niklas, Gran-Gran and kids
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