RF - I 'm legal now...:)

Paul Gilbert nikolas at myriad.net
Thu Jun 24 20:26:22 PDT 1999


Don't come at me with this attitude..... I will not in any form or fashion
tolorate it for even a microsecond.

I suggest that you try again on your submission. I got real lucky. That is
what we have a herald for.

BTW, I am not a SCA bastard. Don't  EVER!!!! again refer to me in that
manner again! You do not know who you are fooling with.

I play with the SCA and the Barony because I choose to and have been very
tolorant of many things. However, I will not put up with this type action or
attitude for very long.

I am happy to help anyone, at any time as long as they behave and act in a
civilized manner. You are pushing the edge of that envolope. Don't do that
with me..

I suggest that you step back and look at what is going on in your life and
take stock of where you are going, how you are doing and what actions and
words such as the ones that you have recently put forth effect your life and
how others, of which some have or may claim you as a friend, effect their
outlook of you.

I assure you, been there, done that. It is not pretty.

There are lots of folks that would help you....BUT, you have to be willing
to work with them and stick to the program  to change and improve.

You are a very talented and intellegent person. Use that for good rather
than destroying your reputation with your friends and associates with
actions and words such as below and previous messages.

I hope you will take all of this as contructive help. If you choose not to,
I can not help you. BUT, do not come at me with this type of attitude or
words. I do not have the time to deal with this and will not.

Good luck and In Service to the Dream.....

Ld. Niklas Vasilievich
Barony of Ravens Fort

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>well how nice for you !                     i paid my sixty bucks years ago
>the only hold up on my name was RAGAN wasn't period eccept as a name
>RAGANwulf   RAGAhard ect.  so it was supposed to pass by the mundane name
>thing      i gave em a copy of my I.D.         nothing
>but there is a RAGAN thanked in this months black star         hmmmmmm
>this is what i mean
>my device is still waiting
>Hunaric wrote:
>> Congratulations.  May your shield inspire fear in your foes, and
confidence in
>> your comrades
>> Hunaric
>> Paul Gilbert wrote:
>> > According to the issue of the Ansteorran Hearlds Gazette seen today,
>> >
>> > My name and device have passed Laurel.
>> >
>> > Yipppppiiiiieeeeee...I can paint my shield now.
>> >
>> > Niklas Vasilievich
>> >
>> > Sable, a double headed eagle, a bordure engrailed Or.
>> >
>> > And they commented.... "Nice armory"
>> >
>> > Niklas....
>> >
>> > Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW                                Ld. Niklas
>> > Huntsville, Texas 77340                            Southern Region
>> > 281-536-5239                                           Barony of
>> > PrimeCo PCS, Inc, Houston MTA              Kingdom of Ansteorra
>> >               "No, the Pink Guy has still not found his phone"
>> >
>> > P.R. does not stand for Public Relations, it means Perceived Reality

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