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Cobalt60@lcc cobalt60 at lcc.net
Mon Jun 28 11:54:11 PDT 1999

    I suggest that you get with Sir Timo and redesign your device, name and
badge and resubmit them. You do not have to pay if you have paid with in the
last three or so years. If you paid the Herald and the submission was
rejected then you simply resubmit. No money is involved after the first
attempt. If you paid $10.00 for each submission Name, Device and Badge then
you had to pay  $30.00  which is uncommon. usually only a name and device is
submitted first. Any way about three or four years ago the Collage of
Heralds had to clean out the office due to some bad errors at Kingdom level.
The word went out if anyone had a submission that was not passed they had a
time frame to resubmit to keep their status. After the dead line all
submissions that were non active or pending were place in an archive and
taken out of the active list. This was done to help restructure the Kingdom
Heralds office. The new cost of a submission of any kind was set at $10.00
each.  If you indeed paid $10.00 for your submission then you should be able
to resubmit with no problems.
    I Submitted my Name and Device 9 years ago and never resubmitted it. I
lost my money and now need to resubmit my name and device. I need to pay the
money and go through the program again. I lost my money due to my lack of
motivation and frustration with the Collage of Heralds. I did not voice my
opinion because the Collage is not wrong for kicking back my
submissions.Their Job is to pass of fail according to Heraldic rules. If my
submissions passed it was because they passed the test and were constant
with the examples that have existed in history and precedents.
    So please resubmit your name and device.
                                                                    Yoshi :)

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