RF - Re: work weekend for TRF site 27 march vs Quest work weekend

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Wed Mar 17 15:01:44 PST 1999

Leo is right.  The 27th of March is the work weekend for Quest.  there 
will also be a Blue Moon party that evening at the site hosted by Ld 
Marius.  And to top it all we will have a quest meeting for all the 
characters to meet each other as characters, familiarize themselves with 
the theme/storyline/universe of Quest, and ask last minute questions.  
This the last opportunity to get a character for Quest if you wish to 
play one.  So all come out and have fun with us!

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>What about the work weekend for Ravensfort that weekend?
>"Cobalt60 at lcc" wrote:
>> work weekend for renfair is the 27 of march pass it on! 10:00 in the
>> compound. park in the rear by the white box
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