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D. R. Hoffpauir wrote:

> > What I actually had in mind was a position where the holder - whatever
> > the position is called - is actually in charge of this region's troops
> > at the war.  Other regions have such positions, and I believe this
> > region would benefit from having an offical war leader.
> >
> > Is that what is envisioned for the regional 'champion,' or is that
> > position just ceremonial?
> >
> >     Tomonaga
> For Ld Tomonaga and anyone else out there who is confused about SR Warlord, here
> is your answer.....
> Back when this thread was mulling in its 'regional champions' vein I had no
> problem with it (emphasis on 's') nor had I any reason to respond.  It's a great
> idea.  One big event sponsored by the region to select worthy champions and
> promote a united front.  It's about time.  The Northern Region been doing so for
> years.  They are exemplar in unity and actually have an event which promotes
> just that, i.e. 'The Northern Regional Tribute'.  They are miles ahead of us,
> but, in defense, we've only been a 'region' for few years.
> The thread has, however, begun to evolve into a area that will end in
> embarrassment for some fine folks and the Region if it continues without some
> guidance. Such is my place to do so.  The other SR championships are not my
> concern here.  This is about Southern Regional Warlord.  My response touches on
> numerous postings to the SR list.  It's important that the region and the people
> of this list hear it from me.
> First, I am Southern Regional Warlord.  Nothing gets planned without me.  Sorry
> to be so blunt and haughty but at my back stands the Crown.  I've had the
> appointment for a month.  Any plans made without my involvement diminishes my
> ability to organize and make something useful of the position and also
> diminishes the authority of a decision made by the standing Crown. That second
> one makes me angry.  I was appointed the task by HRM Sir Gunthar and I made a
> solemn promise to him to lead and to organize to the best of my ability.  In my
> eyes, I'm not the best person for such an honor, but a wise servant never
> questions a King.
> Second, this year's 'SR Warlord' competition, selection, whatever you'd like to
> call it was held one month ago at Kingdom War Practice.  The competition was
> announced in the Black Star and was open to any from the region who wished to be
> involved.  It was promoted and organized by the standing SR Warlord, Centurion
> Timo.  Turn out for the event was dismal.  Candidates who wished to be
> considered for Warlord amounted to about 1/2 of a line-ruled notebook sheet.  I,
> for one, saw the position far above my ability, but, thanks to Timo sticking the
> page in my face and saying, 'Here, sign this,' ....well, you get the picture.
> My point is, by default, the standing Warlord is responsible for the process of
> selecting a new Warlord.
> Third, for as long as I hold the position it will be called 'Warlord.'  Why?
> Because it serves an organizational purpose within the fighting structure of
> this Kingdom.  Every other region refers to their battle leader as 'Warlord.'
> Our Kingdom battle leader is called 'Warlord' and it is the title to which I was
> appointed.   Any change or deviation will promote unneeded confusion both on and
> off the battlefield.  Confusion loses wars.  That's why we address all Captains
> as 'Captain' and all Seamen as 'Seaman.'  Same goes for 'Your Majesty', 'Your
> Grace' or 'M'lord.'   You don't believe me?  Just imagine you speak an obscure
> dialect of Lowlands French.  Your side outnumbers the other 4-1.  Your
> confidence in victory is assured.  Their side is commanded by youthful pup, a
> mere Prince, yours by a battle wise King.  You are on a hill near Poitiers.
> Fourth,  there is a fundamental problem with the timing for selection of the
> Regional Warlord.  I can't speak for anyone previous to Ld. Timo, but for both
> of us we've been handed the task almost immediately prior to Gulf War.  You may
> as well elect a dead horse.  One change I hope to ensure is for the selection to
> be made within 3 months AFTER Gulf War.  Should there be the need, this allows
> some organization time prior to Pennsic but more importantly it allows at least
> nine months of planning and organizing FOR Gulf War.  I'm lucky, my planning for
> Gulf War this year had been in the works for a year.  As a result Raven's Fort
> (with much thanks to Kief's squires, Duke Padruig, Confed, and Ffynnon Gath) had
> 35 fighters fighting under our banner and ready for the field.  During strategy
> meeting last Wednesday night the estimated total strength for region was 60.
> Southern Region was a formidable left flank, but our 35 fighters didn't just
> appear out of loyalty in the three weeks I had as SR Warlord to prepare for Gulf
> War.  Leaders need time to plan, organize, and prepare (and negotiate with
> mercenaries).  With your support, a blessing from the Crown, and careful
> planning on our part, we can incorporate a change that will put some time in the
> hands of the Warlord.
> Lastly, I don't object to an 'official' event to select a regional 'warlord.'
> In fact, I welcome all the help and suggestions out there and welcome you to
> Raven's Fort (should that be the decided meeting place) to discuss the plan. My
> intent is to promote the region's intent and the will of it's people, not quell
> it.  I also intend to solidify what 'Warlord' is about and I can't do that on my
> own.
> Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my successor a
> unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my goal.  I
> will sway this Region with word, with deed, or action.  Don't believe me?  I
> plan on doubling Raven's Fort's numbers for next year.  What's you're group
> gonna do about it?  Get on board or get out of my way.  I'm ready to fight!
> David St. David, Baron Raven's Fort

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