RF - Day in the Manor work day this Saturday

Paul Gilbert nikolas at myriad.net
Wed May 12 23:18:39 PDT 1999


My Lady Kezia, the steward of the event, has asked me to post a request for
workers this Saturday, May 15th at about 9am at the Stones for a work
weekend to prepare the site for the following weekends event, Day in the

There are several items that need to be done, such as some hand mowing,
cleaning up, moving of barriers, tables, spraying for poison ivy, placing of
t-poles, and et.al.

The more that can be present to help, the quicker we finish. There is a
that a lunch will be provided. Bring your own drink and or water.

Any questions, feel free to call 291-9532, or send me an email for me to
pass onto Kezia.

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Ld. Niklas Vasilievich


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