RF - Day in the Manor work day this Saturday

Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Thu May 13 03:33:37 PDT 1999

Dear feastocrat,

Please make two reservations for feast for HL Gilbert Ost Westley 'Gilli".

Thank you.

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Date: Thursday, May 13, 1999 1:21 AM
Subject: RF - Day in the Manor work day this Saturday

>My Lady Kezia, the steward of the event, has asked me to post a request for
>workers this Saturday, May 15th at about 9am at the Stones for a work
>weekend to prepare the site for the following weekends event, Day in the
>There are several items that need to be done, such as some hand mowing,
>cleaning up, moving of barriers, tables, spraying for poison ivy, placing
>t-poles, and et.al.
>The more that can be present to help, the quicker we finish. There is a
>that a lunch will be provided. Bring your own drink and or water.
>Any questions, feel free to call 291-9532, or send me an email for me to
>pass onto Kezia.
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