RF - Day At the Manor

Paul Gilbert nikolas at myriad.net
Wed May 26 16:33:48 PDT 1999

Greetings all....

I want to thank all that came to the Day At The Manor event held this last

Especially those that held me in the in preparing the feast whether in the
planning or the kitchen...such as...

Mistress Jalali, Erikan Fox, Ldy Allyson Tymmes, Ldy Jacinth de Warwick, HL
Yoshimoto no Koriyama and all of Raven Thunder and T.E. Don Zorcon and Gwen
of Lizard Keep (who were not at the event due to a long planned trip to
France), T.E. David st. David and Chrystal, H.E. Lorriane Deerslayer, H.E.
Keif av Kiersted and ANYONE else that may have touched this first attempt at
feastocrating for me.

Most of all.....my Lady Ketiba-Tu Kezia and my family, Arturus, Melina and
Gran-Gran for putting up with me for the stuffed refrigerators and 2 weeks
of cooking the same thing over and over and over and the HIGH stress level
for the event steward and feast steward being married to each other (that
gets interesting :)

I Salute you ALL!!! for the help and confidence that you gave me.

Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW                                Ld. Niklas Vasilievich
Huntsville, Texas 77340                            Southern Region Treasurer
281-536-5239                                           Barony of Ravensfort
PrimeCo PCS, Inc, Houston MTA              Kingdom of Ansteorra
              "No, the Pink Guy has still not found his phone"

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