RF - Lorraine's Vigil update

Lorraine and/or Kief deer_kief at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 8 02:22:56 PDT 2000

So far the people who have told me what they wish to
contribute Food to my Vigil (hopefully starting 8-9 friday night)

Meadhb - Gravlox
Fo - Fo Bread
Cammie and Fo - griddle cakes and fruit sauces
Cammie - meat pies
Raven Thunder and Angela - tarts
Bjarki - possibly a wild meat out of the freezer
Jacinth - pickled eggs and beets
Magnus - mint pie, sweet pickled winter veges, and a turnip dish
Zork - oatmeal stout, viking age ale
Marius - raspberry beer

Chrystal and Niklas will be my wranglers
If you want to help "guard" or serve
check in with them when you get to the event

If anyone else wishes to help, e-mail me by Friday Morning (the 14th),
so that I will know what I will need to buy...If anyone needs me to bring 
display containers for the food notify me as soon as possible
so that I may arrange for them...

I'm off Friday but work M-Thurs at the Govmt Job and MWTh at the night 
job...school is Tue night...so getting ahold of me by phone will be 

I plan to start by setting up one of the white pavillions behind the feast 
hall and use that as base...I haven't yet formulated exactly how the setup 
will actually end up...I still may combine with Michael on some of the 

Thanks for everyone's help


Wish list:
>Pig, rabbit, foul, beef, and/or other fish
>or wild beast
>Baked apples and/or onion dish
>Dried fruits, and cookies
>pickled things (fish,cabbage)
>Cheeses and more breads...
>Spring veggies like radishes and green onions

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