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Sat Apr 8 20:17:07 PDT 2000

It's called Purple Haze Flashback Raspberry Ale.  Even though I won't be
there, my thoughts will be with you.


Lorraine and/or Kief wrote:

> So far the people who have told me what they wish to
> contribute Food to my Vigil (hopefully starting 8-9 friday night)
> are:
> Meadhb - Gravlox
> Fo - Fo Bread
> Cammie and Fo - griddle cakes and fruit sauces
> Cammie - meat pies
> Raven Thunder and Angela - tarts
> Bjarki - possibly a wild meat out of the freezer
> Jacinth - pickled eggs and beets
> Magnus - mint pie, sweet pickled winter veges, and a turnip dish
> Zork - oatmeal stout, viking age ale
> Marius - raspberry beer
> Chrystal and Niklas will be my wranglers
> If you want to help "guard" or serve
> check in with them when you get to the event
> If anyone else wishes to help, e-mail me by Friday Morning (the 14th),
> so that I will know what I will need to buy...If anyone needs me to bring
> display containers for the food notify me as soon as possible
> so that I may arrange for them...
> I'm off Friday but work M-Thurs at the Govmt Job and MWTh at the night
> job...school is Tue night...so getting ahold of me by phone will be
> difficult.
> I plan to start by setting up one of the white pavillions behind the feast
> hall and use that as base...I haven't yet formulated exactly how the setup
> will actually end up...I still may combine with Michael on some of the
> stuff...
> Thanks for everyone's help
> Lorraine
> Wish list:
> >
> >Pig, rabbit, foul, beef, and/or other fish
> >or wild beast
> >Baked apples and/or onion dish
> >Dried fruits, and cookies
> >pickled things (fish,cabbage)
> >Cheeses and more breads...
> >Spring veggies like radishes and green onions
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