RF - LSC for Coronation

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 24 23:30:45 PDT 2000

I called Friday but everyone was out of the office for one of those cult
holidays.  I called again today (Monday) but the person that I need to speak
with was out of the office and will probably call back tomorrow.

Pax,         Marius

David Hoffpauir wrote:

> The LSC is slated for shut down and remodeling.  Not sure when.  Of the
> places on campus, the dome would be best, but we still run into ARA's food
> contract, so I'd say that is out too.
> Doug, er Marius, is checking spots in Woodlands and Conroe.
> Sokal might work if we can get some "folks on the ground" up there and if
> Elfsea doesnt beat us to it (actually a joint venture here might be
> appropriate since we both got a claim on Your Highnesses).
> DsD
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> Greetings!
> We feel that the LSC would not suit Our needs nor the needs of Our populace
> at this time.
> Has anyone thought about the Woodlands/Conroe area, or even possibly Sokal
> hall in Ennis?
> Timotheos
> HRH Ansteorra
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