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It was where the Cub Scout demo was held in Feb 5th. It was off of Fry road
in Cy-Fair district. There is an elem and Jr high school side by side.


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>What school was it?  I live in that area,  Another school out there is
>creek High School ( my alma matter),  plenty of parking, area to fight in,
>I know the SCA has done Demos there before for the history department( this
>how I found out about the SCA).  If not we could try Cy-fair I think it is
>little smaller.... not sure but it is right off 290......  Just a thought.
>> For those that were at the Boy Scout demo we did in Houston,
>> What about the school that it was held at???
>> It had a LARGE commons area and stage and an area out back that fighting
>> could be held at.
>> If this might be of interest, I can call the contact I had for the demo
>> inquire.
>> The site was West/northwest Houston, between I-10 and Hwy 290.
>> Niklas

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