RF - Work Weekend 9/2/00

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Our group was discussing this on Sunday past.  We could try to get a group
together for Sunday or Monday of this week.  I know that we need to police
our camp area and we could help with the list, etc.

Or perhaps for Sunday the week of Stargate Baronial since there are those of
us who would think nothing of leaving Livingston and going to Huntsville.  I
don't know how well this would work since we will most likely be toasting
the new B&B of Stargate late into the evening.

At any rate, do please let us know if you are able to pull ANYTHING together
and we will try to get some people up there to assist.

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HI there!

You might try contacting the B & B re. a key, or the Seneschal (Paul) or
possibly Dave and Charlotte
(they may still have one or know where to get one).    As for me, I could be
there either Sunday or
Monday, but Sat. already has commitments made for it.  Let me know.

Jalali, whodoeswhatshecanwhenshecan

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