RF - Work Weekend 9/2/00

iris2@onramp.net iris2 at onramp.net
Wed Aug 30 15:23:50 PDT 2000

HI there!

You might try contacting the B & B re. a key, or the Seneschal (Paul) or possibly Dave and Charlotte
(they may still have one or know where to get one).    As for me, I could be there either Sunday or
Monday, but Sat. already has commitments made for it.  Let me know.

Jalali, whodoeswhatshecanwhenshecan

Cathal SilAlmhain wrote:

> Hello Everyone.
> I am not in charge of anything for defender (except
> the serving o' the feast) so what I have to say is
> only a suggestion.
> I think we should have a work weekend this weekend,
> preferably this saturday (9/2).  Many of you are busy
> already; many of you are going to gothic: this I know.
> Yet those of us who are not busy can go up to the site
> as there is a lot of work to be done.
> Further, our event is now only two weekends away.
> Yes, that's right.  This weekend is the only good
> weekend we have left, as next weekend (9/8-9/10) is
> Stargate's baronial champion and incestiture (whoops!
> I mean investiture) (just kidding) and I know that
> many of us will want to be there next weekend
> (including me!)
> So how about it everyone!  Let's all get to together
> and get some stuff done!
> Kief will be out of town, so we need someone who has a
> key to the site that will be around.  ???
> Also, if we have favorable responses for workers, I
> hope also that Kief and others who will not be there
> will nevertheless reply if only to direct our
> efforts--that is, tell us what needs to be done.
> Thanks everybody!

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