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I thought this might be of interest to our local bards who aren't on the
Bards list.

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  Thought you might find this to be of interest.
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  > > Unto the on-line populace come greetings and a public service
  > >announcement/advertisement from Gwendolyn the Graceful!
  > >
  > >Following is information sent to me by Mistress Catriona McPherson of
  > >Kingdom of Atenveldt. Over the last year, she has compiled a Known
  > >Songbook, and that Songbook is now printed and ready for distribution!
  > >
  > >> I had it done on 3-hole punched paper both for economy and
  > >> durability. It will hold up better than Perma-bind, especially if
  > >> readers and users page through it frequently. Another plus is
  > >> that if one wants to copy a song for the members of its group to
  > >> learn the words, it will be easy to remove a page, copy it and
  > >> distribute it. The songs are copyable within the society.
  > >>
  > >> The songs run the gamut from the 60s to the present and now
  > >> include more than filk songs. Some are so darn funny it makes one
  > >> chuckle and some (Drums, Strangest Dream and Behold I Give You
  > >> The Kingdom) tug at your heart.
  > >>
  > >> There are 418 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, 385 songs, Table of Contents,
  > >> Index, etc. A 1 1/2 inch binder will hold the book nicely.
  > >>
  > >> This is a not-for-profit venture, just wanted to get the
  > >> songs out to all those interested. I tried to keep the cost down
  > >> as low as possible and 3-hole was the best way to go in that
  > >> respect. The printer charged me $11.75 for each book and with
  > >> $3.25 postage the book will cost $15.00.
  > >
  > >> Checks and money orders can be made payable to
  > >> Milly McCloskey
  > >> 14228 North 45th Drive
  > >> Glendale AZ 85306
  > >
  > >The first printing sold out before Pennsic, so if you want to order,
  > >do so quickly! Mistress Catriona also mentioned that she can do group
  > >and I would be happy to contact her about arranging a group order. Just
  > >me know if you and your friends, your local group, or whomever wants to
  > >order multiple copies together. Whether there is a savings on postage
  > >depends on the number of copies being sent at one time.
  > >
  > >Please feel free to cross-post this message to other lists who may be
  > >interested in learning about this collection. I remain,
  > >
  > >Ever in Service,
  > >
  > >Gwen
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