ANST-Announce - A fire in Bjornsborg

Michael Scofield ivar_runamagi at
Thu Dec 14 17:21:26 PST 2000

I am sending this missive to all Ansteorrans in hope of help.

Earlier today Lord Svipdagr of Lindisfarn lost his house to a fire. He lost 
everything except the clothes on his back. He lost all of his SCA clothing 
and camping stuff. Also, all of the Christmas gifts for family and friends 
were lost.

Please, if you are coming to Academy of the Sword this weekend, set aside a 
small amount for this good person. Any Bjornsborger will be happy to take 
your donation and get it to Svipdagr. I will be unable to attend the event 
or I would take up the collection.

Please be as generous as possible, remember, Svipdagr is an Ansteorran.

Thank you,

Hersir Ivar Runamagi
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