ANST-Announce - Academy of the Sword Arts Activities!

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Fri Dec 15 07:55:42 PST 2000

While we are on the subject of Academy of the Sword, let me assure all
that there will also be activities for those who prefer to support a
fighter, heft needle or pen, or lift their voices in song.

The following classes will be held:

      Managing Lists - Lady Emilie Penrose Blackwell
      Applique Beading - Milady Maia

      Making a Torse and Mantling - Lady Desiree of Falconham
      Finger Weaving - Lady Vera

12:00  Lunch!

      Supporting a Fighter and Appreciating Your Consort - Mistress
               Elissena de Bayonne ("Lissa")
      Campfire Singing - Lord Giovanni (Gio)

      Making Gambesons - Lady Alexandria O'Doyle
      Kumihimo (Ancient Japanese cord-making)- HL Radegunde of Tours

      Disguising Mundanity - Baroness Seraphina Maslowska
      Embroidery 101 - HL "Lady" Ann Harper

*Some of the "hands on" courses charge a minimal fee or ask for a
donation to defray the costs of materials/handouts.

Also, there will be a signup sheet for anybody who wants to hold a
"spontaneous" arts class.

Hope to see lots of you there!

Dona Isobel

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