RF - Gifts for Stepping Up Crown & Stepping Down Crown

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Thu Dec 28 14:19:01 PST 2000


We need to get together gift baskets for the stepping up Crown (TRH Jason & 
Saereid) and the stepping down Crown (TRM Timo & Allyson).

I suggest that we give, if possible, handmade items. If you wish to 
purchase something for them, it must be with your personal funds as the 
Barony can not re-emburse you. These are gifts to someone and Baronial 
funds can not be used.

Check the Dec. 2000 issue and TRH letter in the Blackstar as to what TRH 
like. I do know for sure they do not like alchoal.

We need to have all the items in HE Chrystals hands by Jan 10th so the gift 
baskets can be assembled.

At coronation, we need to have everyone that is from Ravens Fort, please 
come up for the presentation. There will be one for TRM Timo & Allsyon and 
then one for TRH. The one for TRH most likely will be in the evening during 
feast. Stay tuned and check in at the event for place and time info.

I also ask as folks go thru their largess and potential items for the gift 
baskets, please contact me or HE Chrystal by email or phone so we may keep 
track of them.

If there are any questions, please let me know ASAP.

In Service,


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