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Thu Dec 28 19:18:35 PST 2000

Too Cool,
    I'm Glad to see the TRF being used!
    Good job Hrafna!
    I just hope we don's Scare them off!

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Date: Thursday, 28 December, 2000 8:17 PM
Subject: RF - New Comers

>Heilsa all!
>I am writing to let everyone know about some newcomers that are considering
>crossing to the "dark side" hehe
>I received the names and email addresses of 4 people from TRF. I have
>contacted these people and invited them to our Yule Revel this weekend. I
>also invited them to populace.
>HE DSD also met a fellow whose number he gave me. His name is Gerd Connor.
>No..that's his REAL name. =`)
>He will be definately coming to our Revel and to Populace. He seems like an
>interesting fellow.
>I would like everyone to take a moment, if they can, to greet these
>newcomers when they show. Try to remember your first event or contact with
>the society. The magnitude of it is a little overwhelming at first, isn't
>it? They will be feeling a little awed, a little flustered, maybe nervous
>and hopefully excited. Let's try and impress upon them the things we love
>about the society, new blood is good for us all! Who knows...a newcomer
>today can be TRM tomorrow.
>In Service,
>Ldy Hrafnhildr Ulfsdottir
>Hospitaler of Raven's Fort
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