ANST-Announce - Lost and Found

Carolyn Young mrbill at
Thu Jun 8 22:09:43 PDT 2000

Hello Everybody,

Time to claim your lost articles 'cause I found 'em.  So far we have on the
list  --

1 white chenille bedspread
1 blue blanket
    both still unclaimed from a previous MidSummer Faire

1 archer cat
1 pocket knife
1 hair barrette
1 green bowl
1 green cloth
2 glass plates
2 forks
1 wooden goblet

I will have these items at the Gate's Edge Populace meeting next Monday,
June 12, or contact me and we can arrange a meeting to return your

Yours in service,
Lady Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead
Evil and Perverse Despot for Mid Summer Faire X
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