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Fri Jun 9 18:05:32 PDT 2000

Please find below a listing of the classes that are currently scheduled
for Kings College, which is taking place on June 17 at the Shire of
Stonebridge Keep (Victoria, TX).  Please see the May and June Blackstar
ads for more information.
Thank you.
Corrinne Elizabeth Drake, OL

Class Roster current as of June 9, 2000:
Beginning Inkle Weaving
Beginning Stained Glass
Byzantine Icon Class
Beginning Blacksmithing
Faux Glass Enameling
Period Shoe Construction
Basic Chainmail
Horse Barding
Origami for Children
Juggling 101: For Beginners or Rusty Folks
Dressing the Elizabethan Male
The Elizabethan Dress:  A Survey of Fashion
Fabric 101
Costuming 101
Wearable Art:  The Difference Between Costume and Clothing
Basic Kumihimo
Basic (VERY Basic) Embroidery
Finger Loop Braiding
Beginning Spinning
A Different Twist (Intermediate/Advanced spinning)
Reversible Blackwork
Basic Lucet
Tassel Making
Inspection of Arms and Armor
Short/Tall Tactics
Basic Mace
Shield Wall
Basic Sword/Shield Technique
Advanced Sword/Shield Technique
Chivalric Conduct on the Field
Knock Three Times - Unit Tactics
War Camping
Youth Boffer/Chivalric Marshaling and Participation
Ballista Making for the Beginner
Youth Rapier Marshaling
Period Falconry as Practiced in a Modern World
Early Period Illumination - It Wasn't Just the Book of Kells
Overview of Islamic Women
A Timeline of the Construction of Italian Majolica
Court Heraldry as Performance
Prose and Poetry - Performance Techniques
Techniques for Preparing Feast
Veggies for Nothing and Your Feast for Free
Setting and Serving High Table
Period Food Tastes Good....Honest!
Introduction to 15th Century Italian Dance
European Dance
Middle Eastern Dance
SCA 102
So You are Part of the Entourage
Setting Up a Waterbearer Pavilion
Documenetation for the Totally Frightened
Good Source/Bad Source:  Researching Tips
Teaching Styles
Personae Development
Heralds Consulting Table
Heralds Warranting Class
Charter Painting Area
How to Wrap Her (Hair) Around Your Little Fingers (Hair Braiding)
Medieval Pavilion Making

And Possibly:
Herald's Discussion of IloI (pending room availability)
Exchequer's Class (pending room availability)

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