RF - Thieves.(Clear up one issue)

eric fox erkfox at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 1 06:39:44 PST 2000

(From Sir Timo, posting from Ld. Erkan's account up here in DFW)


I'd like to clear up one issue regarding stolen items. Ld. Anton left his 
King's Guard baldric on the listfield after the fighters had packed up their 
equippage and gone back to camp. A good gentle found his baldric later in 
the early evening and returned it to me, as Captain of the the King's Guard. 
I told him to hold onto it, because the King might be interested in 
ransoming the baldric back, and so it will be done at Lyonnesse.

Although I am saddend by the reports of theft, this is not a case such  as 
the stolen rapier or Connor's truck.

Let's try not to fly TOO far off the handle.

Sir Timo

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