RF - Thieves.(Clear up one issue)

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Wed Mar 1 08:31:14 PST 2000


Thanks for solving the mystery.  Sounds like the good fighter will be doing
some penitence after all.   When I suggested it had been stolen (with tongue in
cheek) I was trying to give the poor man a honorable  door to step through.  I
really thought that some of his "friends" were playing a cruel joke on him.  I
was not far off really.  I'm glad to know that the baldric is not lost.

Pax,      Marius

PS   You looked simply divine Saturday night.

eric fox wrote:

> (From Sir Timo, posting from Ld. Erkan's account up here in DFW)
> Hiya
> I'd like to clear up one issue regarding stolen items. Ld. Anton left his
> King's Guard baldric on the listfield after the fighters had packed up their
> equippage and gone back to camp. A good gentle found his baldric later in
> the early evening and returned it to me, as Captain of the the King's Guard.
> I told him to hold onto it, because the King might be interested in
> ransoming the baldric back, and so it will be done at Lyonnesse.
> Although I am saddend by the reports of theft, this is not a case such  as
> the stolen rapier or Connor's truck.
> Let's try not to fly TOO far off the handle.
> Sir Timo
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