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At the end of May Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury will all be in
Taurus, along with the Sun which is unfortunate for us as it kills any chance
of viewing it.  The Moon will start a three or four day dance with Uranus and
Neptune starting about 1:30 on the 23 rd of May and about 2:30 on the 26th.  A
lot will be happening, just not where we can see it.

Pax,       Marius

charlotte epps wrote:

> The next time we have a major "light show"!
> Seriously, The next time we have a celestial event that we can observe from
> this part of the planet, definetly after Gulf War though as things are a bit
> busy for all until then.
> Don't worry, the date will be posted at least a week in advance.
> Stay tuned for more info!
> Gwynn
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> >Hi all, I was wanting to know when the next Star Gazers meeting is...Thanks
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> >I remain...
> >Kulyn
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