RF - Southern Reg. Fest. A&S

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Wed Mar 8 22:17:20 PST 2000

Good call Fionna!  Maybe we can use one of the baronial tables for display, 
what do you think Niklas o revered seneschal of ours?

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>Subject: RF - Southern Reg. Fest. A&S
>Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 10:06:24 -0600
>Calling all Artisans:
>	Who all is planning on displaying at the Regional Prize
>Tourney at the Southern Regional Festival?  I was hoping we might be
>able to start thinking about getting coordinated (I know war is coming
>up, but I wanted to get everyone thinking about this a little bit).  Notes
>and Challenges in this month's BlackStar says:
>"One entry per person.  All artisans from any one group are asked to
>display together, to bring their own table(s) and to consider bringing
>largesse to give as a group.  More information will be on the Southern
>Region website (http://southern.ansteorra.org/) ...  ...For details,
>contact Radegund of Tours (Carolle Ternus) at cternus at texas.net or
>	Raven's Fort has a great group of Artisans, let's show it off a
>little bit.  I know we've got brewers, vintners, cooks, metalsmiths,
>leatherworkers, etc. ,etc.  We could have an awesome display.
>	Please let me know if you are interested!

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