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Wed Mar 22 14:57:47 PST 2000


Going along with my earlier post......

We need to have a work day for the Southern Regional Fest this Sat and
Sunday at the site.

However, there are a number of folks that will need to go to the Red Tape
Event due to duties that relate to that meetings.....such as me!

However, There is still work that can be done at the site.

See previous post and information below.

After thinking about it (and it did not even hurt...much), The kitchen needs
to be cleaned out. I would suggest that as much as possible be placed under
the lean-to and covered with a tarp for protection. The cooks for the feast
are going to need the tables set up and places to work. It also needs the
birds nest's cleaned out of the rafters and swept out.

Mow the list field. I have a mower that can be used if someone will come get

Clean up, haul off and stack up the stuff in the piles next to the store

I plan to be at the site about 1pm on Sunday. But, this does not mean
someone can not go out earlier and work if they wish.

Next week there will be more to do.

Any questions...???????? Call me....


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