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Fri Mar 24 17:55:47 PST 2000


   i am not yoshi but he is my brother , my name is bjarki and i happen to 
be the patriarch of clan ravens thunder, your friendly neighborhood chapter 
of rolling thunder.

   first of all you have  taken the first step by asking how to join
you see we don't recruit new members we wait to let our great deeds on the 
field of battle and our aweinspireing chivalry impress them so much that 
they have to know more about us.

   the next thing i suggest is to find a local clan in your area, i don't 
know where you live but there are several in ansteorra. if you are around 
the ravens fort area you can talk to me.

   third, get to know the people in the clan and make sure it is right for 
you and you are  right for them and then ask to be prospected.

  if it is meant to be, then in as  little as three short months you too can 
wear the coveted bronze thunder wheel.

  if you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me at 
baldbjarki at hotmail.com .

    ld. bjarki patriarch ravens thunder

thuder to the bone
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