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and all others new and old who wish to join households...

I know that you are trying to find a place to fit in...and that just comes 
in time...I just want you to remember that in joining a household you are 
joining a family...you need to figure out whether the people you want to 
become family members with are right for you and you are right for 
them....I've seen way too many problems happen that could be avoided with a 
little more time spent actually looking at the situation rather than just 
being glad a person was initially accepted.

You really should be steadily playing SCA for 6 months to a year before you 
choose a household...they may have been the people you would be around 
anyway...or not...but then you will know some of your interests in the SCA 
and how the household reacts with itself and others...

In my household we adopt daughters...and we feel for those people as if they 
are our children (or good friends) and we take responsibility for their 
actions...we have a year long "prospect" period so that the embryo gets to 
know us and we get to know them...our household has learned that a feeling 
of innitial connection does not always mean that the person should be a 

In speaking to Flinx...one of the founders of Rolling Thunder...they have 
had the same problem.  Many of their households, in a effort to gain more 
members, have grown too fast...resulting in having many problems 
internally...because they chose people who did not fit with their 
group...just for the numbers...and then those people felt alienated when 
they didn't really fit into the mix...

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