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The offer of the prize for the newcomer tourney is GREAT.....but,

The idea of the newcomers tourney was set up with no "prizes" to be given.
This does not mean we can not change it, but we need to all discuss the idea.

The idea was that the prize is the honor of winning and holding of their
first (or one of their first) championships.

The person that can best explain this theory is Don Robert as he is the
originator of the newcomer tourneys.

The winners do get cloaks.

There is also a scroll that the names are placed on, but that stays with
the Barony.

Kezia and I will consult with TE David and Chrystal and others about the idea.

Getting a spear point is easy. There are several folks on the Internet that
offer them.

Nice idea, let us talk it over.


At 10:34 AM 8/2/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I think that the spear alone would make a great pass on  prize but the call
>would be up to their Excellencies.
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> >
> >>As for the Heavy Prize I have offered an Oak Plywood Shield Hung in a
> >>period
> >>style of the winners choosing.
> >>
> >>                                     Brian du Val  :o)
> >
> >
> >   If anyone knows where I can get a spearhead, I wanted to make a
> >pass-along spear for the Chivalric Newcomer Champion as to defend Her
> >Excellency.  I was thinking about wood-burning the names of the previous
> >Newcomer Champions on the shaft of spear.  I do not know if that sounds too
> >much though.  I would like some ideas.
> >
> >Godspeed,
> >Cyniric
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