[Ravensfort] news from the flat tops

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Mon Aug 6 20:42:36 PDT 2001

Great I am really excited to hear the good news about the tables. I will be
there Wednesday ready to paint and/or stain.
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> greetings everyone,
> Just a quick update on sundays work. We assembled five
> tables today, and the work will go much quicker now
> that we have all our jigs and measurements set up. The
> five tables need only only the top stained, and the
> ensign and devices of sponsors put on them and then
> they will be ready to seal. Great thanks go to all
> that showed up to work and those who came by to lend
> moral support. We will be working again this wednesday
> after 5pm. So if you got the time stop by the Lizard
> Keep and lend a hand.
> Looks like the size of the individual sponsors is
> going to be the standard sizes used for submissions to
> the heraldry office. We will make stencils of the
> layouts for round,lozenge and shield so that everyone
> has a standard to work from. Just as a reminder, if
> you will not be able to do your own art work, please
> send a color copy with a name of the sponsor to the
> baronial mailbox so that we can do this by proxy.
> Barony of Raven's Fort
> P.O. Box 7275
> Huntsville Tx. 77432
> Once again thank you all, and hope to see you on
> Wednesday.
> i am
> jean-michel
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