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ack, yer talking a town who's definition of romance is defined by the sperm
count of unattached college males....it's gonna be tough.

Upscale is the log house place near the park.  It's pricey though.  Next I'd
say is "The Junction".  It's quaint and such with good prices, but the food
sucks.  After that I'd have to recommend Casa Thomas.  They have the
absolute best Fajitas anywhere.  Atmosphere is...well.... Mexican, but there
are few places you can hide out.  Decent prices too.

After that you go down pretty fast on romance.  Course at the very bottom is
Holy Smoke bbq..... Top ten on the planet for food.... Black, South, and
Baptist is the atmosphere... the romance is in the compulsive need for
prayer they impart BEFORE you eat there.


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I gotta question for 'ya. I don't know Huntsville as well as I used to,
and the place has changed some in the last few years.

I want to do something special for our three month anniversary, and I
need to find a nice restaurant in town that has that comfy romantic
feel. But not so romantic that I have to pawn a kidney to pay for it.
Not that I wanna be cheap or anything, but I really don't feel like
paying triple-price for having a few candles on the table.

Anyway, with things being as hurried as they have been lately, I
haven't had time to check around and I'm almost out of time. Any ideas
would be really helpful.



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