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Heilsa all....

Cedric... The restaurant that DsD is talking about is "Buca" a *really* nice
place to eat. Is usually crowded. Very busy place. Service is good to
excellent. And unless you two have a *really big* appetites only order ONE
entree'. The portions are designed for up to four people. It's a tad
expensive but not too unreasonable. Wine in restaurants is *always*
overpriced. Have a good time...

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

>Another place in the Woodlands is Biba (somthingerother's).  It's at the
>"Disney World" strip center on your left headed south.  I think it is at
>Tamania Rd.
>Anyway, the atmosphere is really fun and could be romantic if Italian don't
>make you gassy. They got the Pope room, the Cardinal room, the Italian
>room, a vaulted room with Italian food label's plastered on the ceiling.
>You can even eat in the kitchen.  Not one square inch of un-adorned wall
>space.  The men's room decor is all about little boys peeing.  The women's
>room is all Sophia Lorien (...er, so I here).  The food is great!  Every
>entree serves 2-4 people (served family style only) and is about $12-$14
>entree.  You get a full tour before they seat you.  They got gondola rides,
>genuine Texan's with fake Italian accents singing Italian luv songs on a
>genuine concrete canal.
>With entree's, drinks, dessert and all you'll spend $40+ a person.  If you
>wanna be cheap (no dessert, no drinks, one entree), you'll spend around $15
>each.  Gondola is extra.
>Overall, itsa really fun place to eat...

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