[Ravensfort] Beast Lives!

Aedh Finn Mac Cormaic aodhfionn at unforgettable.com
Fri Aug 10 15:36:26 PDT 2001

I, Finn Mac Cormaic, do send greetings unto my brethren in Raven's Fort Barony.

My fine stallion, which I call Beast with much affection, has had a change in
his condition.  After so many months of inactivity that we feared he was no more
for this world, Beast was successfully resuscitated into mobility late last
night.  A visit to the village cunning man revealed that his despondency of late
has caused some problems that will need to be taken care of before he can be
returned to full work duty, but all of us are optimistic about his future.

For the time being, light work is perfectly acceptable and might do wonders for
both his health and mine.

I am much elated about this news.

With guarded hopes for Beast's future and much jubilation, I send this news.

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