[Ravensfort] Measured response...was...public rants

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 12 13:01:04 PDT 2001

Heilsa Mr. LeJeune and the list

Mr. LeJeune did post:

>Pax all good and true folk in Raven's Fort...and any others that read
>these words.
>I have once again replied to cockerham's public disinformation and
>misstatements via private post.  If anyone has reason to view my reply I
>will send you a copy.  Any and all can contact me at:
>orthart at earthlink.net.
>Or you can request of cockerham a sending of his copy. His e-mail
>is:   sirkief at hotmail.com

Mr. LeJeune, you were born into a culture that understands insults to one's
family name, family, and person. You are again, and have been, baiting me in
this public forum. I do understand your purpose and your methods. I am not
confused by your hollow protestations of "innocence". Do not mistake me for
a fool, sir. As well, you have spoken against me in like manner in private
conversations designed to defame my good name and my family's good name. I
call on you one more time to cease this course of action.

You have yet to answer any of my questions in a public forum. You have yet
to retract any of your false statements. You have done nothing to redeem
your attacks against myself, the officers of this Barony, the Regional
Senescal, or the Crown.

In complete sincerity,
Lee Cockerham
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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