[Ravensfort] To Mr. LeJeune...was...To Sir Keif & Lord Marius

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 12 13:23:57 PDT 2001

Heilsa Mr. LeJeune and the list

Mr. LeJeune did post:

>No one has attacked the Barony or the Kingdom for some time.  The only
>being attacked is your actions.  Why don't you focus on that rather than
>smoke about other things ??  Your unrelated public rants fool no one that
>a clue as to what is going on.  The fantasy seems to be all yours.  You
>for Baronial unity while doing your best to ignore what others say and
>In service to the Barony,

You state that, "No one has attacked the Barony or the Kingdom for some
time.". This is like saying that a rabid dog hasn't bitten anyone today. The
fact of the matter is that you primarily and others secondarily did so in
the recent past and have not retracted nor apologized for the actions. Your
efforts to divert attention from your unwarranted and unsupported attacks
have *not* been forgotten. Until you *publicly" do so I will continue to lay
the fact before the populace of this Barony and this Kingdom. Your
diversionary tactics will not succeed Mr. LeJeune. You have finally shown
your true colors, Mr. LeJeune. You have been a false friend. You are
self-serving. You present nothing but rumor, allegations, accusations, and
insults. You do not state facts, figures, hard data, or any actual case to
prove *anything* you say. You hide in that shadowy world of the character
assassin...and use all the tools of the trade to besmerch and smear the
names of good and truthful people. You are a coward, sir. Dare you say these
things to my face? In front of witnesses? I think not. It's not your
"style". You have more than earned my utter contempt. For years I called you
a friend in the full meaning of the word. I did work with you on many
projects and have always found you to be a steadfast and hard working
individual. I have never said that you were a slacker in supporting the
Barony. But now, your words and deeds have shown to me and anyone else that
cares to read and understand these posts your true nature. Subterfuge and
mis-direction are your stock in trade. I cannot abide what you have become,

I bid you farewell...

In utter sincerity...!
Lee Cockerham
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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