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Sun Aug 12 15:28:33 PDT 2001


What a hypocrite.  You treat others poorly when they do not go along with what
you want, then try to take the high ground.  What a joke.  Again I state, it is
your actions that I have complained about in our semiprivate emails but you
refuse to be accountable for them.  It is you that tries to muddy the waters
with old history that others have dropped.

I did protest the selection process when it was taking place.  I had every
right to.  It is clear that further protest will change nothing and only serve
to harm individuals in and out of the Barony.  I will deal with the Baronial
and Kingdom issues with individuals that actually have some sort of official
capacity.  You do not.  Your words have no bearings on these issues.  I suggest
you concern yourself the problem at hand, namely your actions.

You have proven yourself lacking in the friendship department by your actions
over several years.  If you hadn't noticed you quit being friendly long ago and
became just another pain that we all have to contend with.  Yes, we worked on
many projects.  I quit working on projects with you when your insistence on
having your way turned ugly.  I can't believe you haven't noticed.

The Assassins Guild has nothing to do with what is going on.  That game has
always been as fair as possible.  It uses the same kind of honor as the
fighters use on the field.  You bring it into this to muddy the waters shows
just how low you have sunk.

Any of the things I have said in my public and private emails I will have no
problem saying to you face to face.  Your disjointed ravings make me wonder if
you can control your actions if I do.

You keep avoiding the issues so I will bring them up here in public again and
restate them.  Perhaps you will finally answer my questions... I'm not holding
my breath.

Your argument of my future participation in the Barony is based on assumption.
Please stick to the facts.  I do plan to take (and have already started) a
break from mainstream activities in the Barony of Raven’s Fort.  I do not plan
to take part of any Baronial activity involving the current and forthcoming
administration.  Lorraine, Paul and you are stifling and I need a breath of
fresh air.  It's not Raven's Fort I can't stomach any more, it's self-important
elitists like you.  I do however plan on keeping my membership address within
the Baronial borders to keep its membership numbers up and healthy.  I also
plan to continue contributing to the Barony by working on site improvement
projects as well as event preparations and selected special projects as long as
my efforts are not hindered by administrative despots.

As far as the key goes, you know as well as I do that key or not I will
continue to work on improving the site. Through the years I was told over and
over again by you, cockerham, that as long as I keep working and improving the
site that you had no problem with me coming out when ever
I could.  My long business hours and other mundane obligations necessitate odd
times of the day for some chores such as helping autocrats by pumping water
till two in the morning.  By removing my key you will deprive the Barony of my
ability to contribute as much as I have in the past... but I will do what I
can.  Again, I have kept my end of the bargain by my continuous work to improve
the site.  Are you honorable enough to live up to yours ?

In service to the Barony,
Marius Atreidae

Kief av Kiersted wrote:

> Heilsa Mr. LeJeune and the list
> Mr. LeJeune did post:
> >No one has attacked the Barony or the Kingdom for some time.  The only
> >thing
> >being attacked is your actions.  Why don't you focus on that rather than
> >blow
> >smoke about other things ??  Your unrelated public rants fool no one that
> >have
> >a clue as to what is going on.  The fantasy seems to be all yours.  You
> >call
> >for Baronial unity while doing your best to ignore what others say and
> >feel.
> >
> >In service to the Barony,
> >Marius
> You state that, "No one has attacked the Barony or the Kingdom for some
> time.". This is like saying that a rabid dog hasn't bitten anyone today. The
> fact of the matter is that you primarily and others secondarily did so in
> the recent past and have not retracted nor apologized for the actions. Your
> efforts to divert attention from your unwarranted and unsupported attacks
> have *not* been forgotten. Until you *publicly" do so I will continue to lay
> the fact before the populace of this Barony and this Kingdom. Your
> diversionary tactics will not succeed Mr. LeJeune. You have finally shown
> your true colors, Mr. LeJeune. You have been a false friend. You are
> self-serving. You present nothing but rumor, allegations, accusations, and
> insults. You do not state facts, figures, hard data, or any actual case to
> prove *anything* you say. You hide in that shadowy world of the character
> assassin...and use all the tools of the trade to besmerch and smear the
> names of good and truthful people. You are a coward, sir. Dare you say these
> things to my face? In front of witnesses? I think not. It's not your
> "style". You have more than earned my utter contempt. For years I called you
> a friend in the full meaning of the word. I did work with you on many
> projects and have always found you to be a steadfast and hard working
> individual. I have never said that you were a slacker in supporting the
> Barony. But now, your words and deeds have shown to me and anyone else that
> cares to read and understand these posts your true nature. Subterfuge and
> mis-direction are your stock in trade. I cannot abide what you have become,
> sir.
> I bid you farewell...
> In utter sincerity...!
> Lee Cockerham
> "Better the Hammer than the nail..."
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