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Heilsa Mr. LeJeune and the list...

Mr.LeJeune did post these words:

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>What a hypocrite.  You treat others poorly when they do not go along with
>you want, then try to take the high ground.  What a joke.  Again I state,
>it is
>your actions that I have complained about in our semiprivate emails but you
>refuse to be accountable for them.  It is you that tries to muddy the
>with old history that others have dropped.

I am certainly accountable for my actions. So are *you*... *If* you would
ever post or state publicly *exactly* what my terrible actions were I would
certainly answer for them. But you have not...nor will you. They only exist
in your imagination.

You state I am trying to, "muddy the water with old history that others have
dropped". Interesting...I am talking about your less than 45 day old
diatribes against the Crown, Regional Seneschal, the seneschal of Raven's
Fort, and all others that took part in the selection procedure. You
certainly *did* imply that they were all ***cheating, lying, stealing,
forcing, not following Kingdom and Society Law, obstructing the will of the
populace, and myriad other charges***. These *facts* are a part of the
public record in the List Archives. Would you care to take a stroll down
memory lane? I will inform you and everyone else right now that the current
Crown, the Regional Seneschal (who is now the Emergency Deputy Kingdom
Seneschal and likely the next Kingdom Seneschal), the soon-to-be Baron and
Baroness, and many others *will not forget* your words and actions for a
**long time**. You are free to ask *them* their opinion of what you have
done. Good luck!

>I did protest the selection process when it was taking place.  I had every
>right to.  It is clear that further protest will change nothing and only
>to harm individuals in and out of the Barony.  I will deal with the
>and Kingdom issues with individuals that actually have some sort of
>capacity.  You do not.  Your words have no bearings on these issues.  I
>you concern yourself the problem at hand, namely your actions.

You certainly did have the right to protest the actions you perceived to be
wrong. *I* wasn't necessarily happy with the methodology used either...it
wasn't what I had suggested to Their Highnesses and the Regional
Seneschal...however, I accepted their mutual decision to do what they would
with the polling. It was your inflammatory *words* and implications that
were utterly wrong. As well, you have never retracted nor apologized to the
offended parties for what you accused them of doing.

You state that I have no "official capacity" to deal with these matters. I'm
stating the following to show you how far out of touch with the reality of
Ansteorra's feudal structure you truly are.

I am the Crown's sworn man. It is my duty and responsibility as a Knight and
Peer of the Realm to advise the Crown of Ansteorra on matters of importance
to the Kingdom. It is also my duty and responsibility to carry out the
wishes of the Crown. I have, am, and will in the future be a
"troubleshooter" for the Crown. Right now, on the word of the Crown, *YOU*
and the trouble you have stirred up here in the Crown's Barony of Raven's
Fort are my "current troubleshooting project". Do you want it to be more
"Official" than that?

My actions are correct in regards to everything I've posted to this list and
to you. I am the site liaison between the land owners and the SCA/Barony. I
am acting to correct your vile poisoning of the populace's image of the
Crown of this Kingdom. I am also the sworn man of the Baron and Baroness of
Raven's Fort and your accusations and slinging of unsupported allegations
have hurt the peace and unity of this Barony. And, last and least, I am
reacting to your mis-direction of the real issues through the assault on my
personal name and honor and that of my family. If you feel differently that
is *your* problem.

>You have proven yourself lacking in the friendship department by your
>over several years.  If you hadn't noticed you quit being friendly long ago
>became just another pain that we all have to contend with.  Yes, we worked
>many projects.  I quit working on projects with you when your insistence on
>having your way turned ugly.  I can't believe you haven't noticed.

State your proofs or shut up. I did certainly notice the change in you. I
was maintaining the "peace" as much as I could even in the face of your
disruptive actions.

>The Assassins Guild has nothing to do with what is going on.  That game has
>always been as fair as possible.  It uses the same kind of honor as the
>fighters use on the field.  You bring it into this to muddy the waters
>just how low you have sunk.

I am smiling as I write this Mr. LeJeune. Show me where I wrote *anything*
about the Assassins Guild! I wrote to *you* these words, "You hide in that
shadowy world of the character assassin...and use all the tools of the trade
to besmirch and smear the names of good and truthful people." Perhaps you
should actually read what I am posting to the list and to you. Mayhap you
would realize you have engaged in "selective understanding"...

>Any of the things I have said in my public and private emails I will have
>problem saying to you face to face.  Your disjointed ravings make me wonder
>you can control your actions if I do.

Believe me, I am certainly more in control of my emotions, reasoning
ability, and physical responses than you are. Pray tell and show me where my
"ravings" are "disjointed". They are consistent throughout, logical, and
factual. I certainly can show you where your posts are anything but
consistent, nor logical, and they have *little* basis in any sort of factual

>You keep avoiding the issues so I will bring them up here in public again
>restate them.  Perhaps you will finally answer my questions... I'm not
>my breath.

Now I'm laughing... *I* have avoided the issues? Please. Your entire thread
has been in avoidance of factual evidence and you have never answered in a
public forum *any* of the questions I put before you.

>Your argument of my future participation in the Barony is based on
>Please stick to the facts.  I do plan to take (and have already started) a
>break from mainstream activities in the Barony of Raven’s Fort.  I do not
>to take part of any Baronial activity involving the current and forthcoming
>administration.  Lorraine, Paul and you are stifling and I need a breath of
>fresh air.  It's not Raven's Fort I can't stomach any more, it's
>elitists like you.  I do however plan on keeping my membership address
>the Baronial borders to keep its membership numbers up and healthy.  I also
>plan to continue contributing to the Barony by working on site improvement
>projects as well as event preparations and selected special projects as
>long as
>my efforts are not hindered by administrative despots.

I can see once more that you have lost all touch with the reality of the
situation. You state that you want to continue working on "site improvement
projects", "event preparations", and "selected special projects". I would
assume that most everyone would believe that these are *all* "mainstream
activities". Pray tell me how you can avoid any activity involving the
current and forthcoming administration when *all* the activities involved
with events, site work, and special projects are overseen by the
seneschalate and the Baron and Baroness? You could not have hung yourself
more out to dry if you had tried.

So, take your "extended vacation" from "mainstream activities". Your
reasoning is flawed and utterly out of touch with the position you have
gotten yourself into. You can salvage nothing at this point.

>As far as the key goes, you know as well as I do that key or not I will
>continue to work on improving the site. Through the years I was told over
>over again by you, cockerham, that as long as I keep working and improving
>site that you had no problem with me coming out when ever
>I could.  My long business hours and other mundane obligations necessitate
>times of the day for some chores such as helping autocrats by pumping water
>till two in the morning.  By removing my key you will deprive the Barony of
>ability to contribute as much as I have in the past... but I will do what I
>can.  Again, I have kept my end of the bargain by my continuous work to
>the site.  Are you honorable enough to live up to yours ?

It's *not* "your" key. It's the property of the land owners. You, through
your own words, have abrogated the original agreement and are now "crab
walking" and "crawfishing" to retain your special privileges.

Let me point something out to you and the populace at large. You, Doug
LeJeune, have the single largest campsite occupied by *one* person on the
entire site. You have surrounded your campsite with a huge "buffer zone" to
insure your "privacy". You have had the privilege to "pick and choose" your
camping neighbors for *years*. You have held a large number of "private"
camping events long after everyone else had been denied the privilege. You
have the privilege of using your van as your tent...in fact *I* wrote the
exception in the Guidelines and Site Rules specifically so *you* could use
your van as your tent. I have bent over backwards for *years* to allow you
special access all the while knowing that your "private camping events"
might possibly get the Barony kicked off the site. I went so far as to tell
you to tell the land owners that you were "working" on the site if

Yes, you have worked long and hard on the site. Yes, everything you have
done to improve the quality of the site is impressive. Yes, you have spent
many hours hauling water for events.

However, Mr. LeJeune, by your own admission and *public* statements have
said you want to avoid contact and will not work with the "elitists" or the
"administrative despots". I certainly do not want you to be "stifled". So,
you will now get your chance to "breath fresh air" just like *everyone* else
in the populace. You will return the *land owners* key. Your "special access
privileges" are at an end.

You can certainly continue to work on the site anytime you wish. You, just
like *everyone* else, can call ahead and request that I open the site for
your use. I will certainly do so. You are invited to attend all the official
functions at the site i.e. workdays and weekends. You can camp out at the
site when everyone else is doing so. You can come to events just like any
other member of the populace. You can attend any "un-official" gatherings at
the site like star-gazing, site "play" days, et cetera. In other words, Mr.
LeJeune, you will, from now on be treated *exactly* like the other members
of the populace of Raven's Fort.

My letters to you on this matter are now at an end. Anything else that you
have to say to me on this matter is meaningless. If you must talk to me
about these matters it will be in person and in front of witnesses. I *will
not* talk to you about any of this on the phone...I cannot trust you to keep
any telephonic communication "straight" given the detestable smear campaign
you have waged against myself and my family.

>In service to the Barony,
>Marius Atreidae

In firm resolve,
Sir Kief - Lee Cockerham
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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