[Ravensfort] Abject apology to the list and the B&B...

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 13 01:29:33 PDT 2001

Heilsa to everyone in Raven's Fort and all others that do read my words.

I posted, some number of letters ago, the thoughts that I would rue the day
that I posted this series of missives to the list. I tell you all now that I
do regret them.

I regret subjecting my friends and neighbors to the rants and diatribes.

I regret the disgust and distaste caused by the whole series of letters
exchanged in public between Mr. LeJeune and myself.

I regret the possible ill-will towards myself that this whole episode has

I regret disturbing the peace of the list and the real mission of this
list...the exchange of useful information.

I regret the anger inherent in all my posts.

I regret the stress engendered by the various subscribers to this list.

I regret the loss of friendships.

I regret all those people that have un-subbed from the Raven's Fort list due
to the recent exchange of anger and accusation.

I regret that what I did was, IMO, necessary. I truly wish that none of it
had ever happened.

I have faults. I willingly admit that fact. However, I have absolutely
nothing to hide about any of my actions; contrary to some folk's opinion.

I have and will continue to admit that I am in error or mistaken when proven
so by facts.

I want to offer everyone here on the list and any that have read the
archives my abject apology for subjecting you all to this whole disgusting

However, given the principals and issues involved I would be compeled to
post what I wrote all over again even if the clock could be turned back to
the beginning.

I am not asking anyone for forgiveness. I did what I did out of a sense of
outrage at the actions of a few. But I do offer my sincere regrets for all
that everyone had to suffer through the past several weeks.

Having stated my case in the best manner that I could, and in the fairest
and levelest terms my emotions would allow, I am quit of the matter. No
matter what other accusations are posted against myself and my family I will
not respond publicly to this list. Any that wish to correspond with me on
any of these problems are welcome to do so at any of my e-addresses, through
the regular mail, in person, and (save for Mr. LeJeune), on the telephone.

I thank all those that have written letters of support to me privately and
to all that have read the series of letters on the issues in an objective

I am sorry that all this had to occur to disturb the peace of the list and
in the Barony.

And finally, I am utterly sorry for the pain and anguish that I have caused
David and Chrystal in what should have been some of the best weeks of their
term as Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort. They deserved far better from
all of us involved in the exchange.

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!

Kief av Kiersted -- Lee Cockerham

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