[Ravensfort] baronial tables

Jeremy Meaux j_meaux at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 15:06:15 PDT 2001

greetings all,

first, allow me to state that Ldy Hrafna and I (ld.
jean-michel), will not be at Officers tonight due to
family matters. But i did want to update one and all
on the situation of the tables. As of Wed. we have 12
tables constructed. That leaves eighteen to be built
so that the ensign and personal devices to be placed
on the tables. Thus, this sunday at the lizard keep we
will need all available to help on the tables. We will
start at 12 oclock(noon), so please be there as
promptly as possible to start helping.

On a very serious note, some of you who have promised
a donation have not sent fourth your payments.
Mistress Lorraine and I are currently cross checking
our lists to locate the persons who have not made
thier donation. I ask in all sincerity, please make
your donation before Aug. 24th. That is eight days
from today. At that time we will remove your name from
the list and your table will be given to those who are
willing to make the donation. Many persons missed out
on an opprotunity, so please do not allow this to pass
you by.

Once again, this is your final notice. I have given
everyone ample time to get thier donations in, we have
extended the donation time over 6 weeks past the
closing date. Sorry for the bluntness, but this is
your final chance.

i am

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