[Ravensfort] table building

Jeremy Meaux j_meaux at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 16:21:30 PDT 2001

greetings one and all,

Tommorrow, wed 22nd, we will once again meet at the
lizard keep to build tables. At present we are very
near the end of construction, we need all hands
prepared to paint baronial ensignia and thier personal
devices on the tables. This needs to done as quick as
possible so that the slow process of putting the
varnish on the tables can begin. I was hoping that we
could do that this saturday ( i must clear this with
the keep and will post a definate and time when i do).

  Thus, it is now to get all of the patterns for the
ensignia done and finalize paint choice and make the
purchase of this paint so that it will be available
for use. Thanks one and all in your support thus far
and just a little longer and the tables will be done.

Thanks one and all, get those donations in and see you

i am

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