[Ravensfort] Table Sponsorship

Charles Anderson kmac1314 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 15:48:37 PDT 2001

  To J.Meaux,  Sorry for not getting back to you until
now, but my e-mail server has been acting up and
kicking my e-mails back.  Unfortunately I will not be
able to make the donation for one of the personalized
baronial tables. Due to financial shortage please
except my apology and give the table I was going to
purchase to someone on the wait list who is locally
available.  I will at a later time make a donation to
the Barony.

In Service to the Dream We All Believe In

I Am, Lord Alexander Kegan MacAonghais, SC, OTRF
Former Resident of Raven's Fort 1981-1990
Shire of Arenal, Kingdom of Meridies

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