[Ravensfort] Water bearers at event and help with water barrels

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Fri Aug 24 10:11:02 PDT 2001


A couple of items that we need to get lined up.

There is a need for a water bearer coordinator for the event. This person
will line up water bearers for the fighters and see that their needs are
met with water and items for the fighters.

Anyone interested in doing this, please contact myself or Lord Arturus (the

Also, we will need someone(s) to clean and fill the water barrels and water

I will be available the week before the event (which is when this will need
to be done) but Arturus and I would like to extra hands.

Those that can help, please contact us direct.

I can be reached at 936-581-5632, niklas at wt.net

Arturus can be reached at 936-291-9532 or argentbear at cox-internet.com

Thank you very much.


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