[Ravensfort] table painting

Jeremy Meaux j_meaux at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 16:23:46 PDT 2001

greetings one and everybody,

let it be known that the tables are now finished.
Sunday was our first day to paint and sadly, only a
few people came out to paint. With time running short
I must make this statement. Sunday September 2nd will
be the last day to paint your table. If you do not
paint your table or have made arrangements through me
your name will only be placed on the table at my
discretion. I hate to put it this way, but this is a
baronial project, i made it very clear several times,
both online and at populace that this was part of your
responsability to paint them if all possible. We must
have time to seal them if we are going to use them at

Along these lines, thier are three unpayed for tables
at this time, first come first serve. I will no longer
hold a persons table after wednesday. It will be up
for sale and your name stricken from the list.

If anyone knows of anyone not online who has purchased
a table, please pass this info on to them. Thanks one
and all, the tables look great and this is a great
project coming close to completion.

Any one needing times to paint please contact me or
the lizard keep to receive this.

i am


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