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Bryn Gwlad Candlemas
February 2, 2001

You haven't heard about Candlemas this year?  Join our Elizabethan court as
we celebrate the Chinese New Year and explore the wonders of the Orient,
that far-off land of which we have recently heard so much. Whether you
dress in your usual elegant clothing or the exotic costumes of the Far
East, you will be made welcome in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad. 

We shall start with the most noblest of pursuits: a tournament.  For the
Rapier list, we will have a regressive melee in which two teams start out
and the winning team stays on the field and splits until there is only one
person left standing.  For the Chivalric list, we have a challenge
tournament for the first hour of fighting.  The second part of the
tournament will be a melee in which the team captains are the winners of
the challenge tournament.  The melee is with horse, of the hobby breed, so
please bring a hobbyhorse if you wish to participate.  (The Bryn Gwlad
stables are still too new to have horses for rent. Maybe after taxes are
collected, we will have a large stable for next year.)  

For those who pursue the Arts and Sciences, we offer three different venues
for you to showcase your work.  This first will be for the Bryn Gwlad
Baronial Artisan title.  All items for this category must have
documentation and will be judged by the Bryn Gwlad Laurels.  There is no
theme for this part of the A&S competition.  The second A&S competition
will be judged by the populace and will have the theme of the Orient or
"How the Elizabethans would portray the East." No documentation is required
but would be helpful if included.  The third competition for A&S is a
banner competition, also on the theme of the Orient. No documentation is
necessary.  The winner for this competition will be chosen by popular vote.  

For those who wish to regale us with song and story, there will be a
tournament to choose the Bryn Gwlad Title Bard. The format for this part of
the event will be the luck of the draw.  (A complete explanation of this
tournament will be posted to the Ansteorra list)  So dust off your bard
books so that we may be amazed and entertained as you stretch your bardic

As a first ever in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, we will be hosting a period
"Iron Chef" competition, with our very own Baron Pendaron presiding as the
announcer for this historic event.  The challenger will choose to take on
Mistress Meadhbh or Mistress Clarissa, using one ingredient in common
throughout a 5-dish set.  This gastronomic display will take place indoors
so that all may witness the prowess of these period chefs.  Who will be
named THE Iron Chef of Ansteorra?

There will be many other delights to tempt the senses.  There will be
European dancing and music to while away the hours.  There will also be a
Chinese Tea-house with entertainers called Ji (the Chinese equivalent of a
Japanese geisha) who will delight patrons with stories, poems, and period
word games.  There will be a few tidbits and sips with which to refresh
oneself at the Tea-house.  There will  be gaming tables set aside for those
who wish to play the Elizabethan Card game, Torocco,  or the fast-paced
Chinese tile game, Mah-jongg.  The rules will be discreetly taught to those
who would like to play but are unfamiliar with these games.  There will be
a wonderful variety of activities for the children during the day including
a class on  how to build origami shapes. 

We will serve a scrumptious feast, with many delicacies from the Far East
to set your mouth watering.  All recipes will be listed on our web site
with a list of ingredients so that those with allergies will know which
dishes not to sample.

There will be both a Laurels' circle and a Pelicans' circle for our noble

Merchants are welcome but must let us know that they are coming and what
size space they will need.  Space is limited and it will be reserved on a
first-come, first-served basis.

Please see our web site
<> for more
information if this small taste of the delights to come is not enough to
pique your interest. We have articles on Chinese costuming, banner-making,
and other interesting and informative topics.

This Candlemas, orchestrated by Lady Sosha Lyons O'Rourke
(lyoness at, is done in the year of the Dragon to be followed by
the year of the Snake. 
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