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Pug Bainter pug at
Sun Jan 7 17:11:14 PST 2001

NOTE: This is being sent out by an autoresponder at now.

|  Please read this whole email as it contains information that can 
|  be used to protect your computer from a Virus that is spreading 
|  around the internet.
|NOTA BENE: This message is automatically generated; PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.
|           Subsequent email with the same reply-to address should not 
|           induce additional responses from this service. 


   You are receiving this message because a email, which contained 
your email address as the return / reply-to address, was sent to 
hahaha at The is a list of possible reasons why you received
this message.

1) You sent a email to hahaha at to request, complain or notify 
    this user that they are SPAMMING, sending an email with a virus, 
    sending an email that has content that may not be appropriate for 
    minors, to be removed from a mailing list, etc.. 

2) Someone else sent a email to hahaha at and they are using 
    your email address as their return / reply-to address. If this is
    the case we are sorry that this email was sent to you but please
    do read it as it does contain information about a virus that is
    spreading around the internet that we are trying to stop / slow

3) You may already be infected with the computer virus for which this
    email is trying to inform you of. This virus (W32.Hybris.gen) 
    will send a copy of itself to the reply-to address of any incomming
    emails that a infected computer receives. So when you received 
    another copy of the "SPAM" that this virus sends out from another
    infected computer, the virus sends a copy of itself to 
    hahaha at since hahaha at is the reply-to address
    of the "SPAM" the virus sends out. 

   The truth about this SPAM, that contains Snowwhite in the Subject, is
that a virus called W32.Hybris.gen sends out these emails with attachments
that are also infected with this virus from a already infected computer
hopping to infect more computers. This virus uses the address book as well
as scans incomming and outgoing mail and http traffic for email address
to send a copy of itself to. These emails the virus sends out use a 
fake / spoofed FROM: address of hahaha at to hide its tracks.

   We registered the domain in order to provide the people
of the internet information about this virus as well as tips on how
to detect, clean, trace and protect yourself from this virus. 

   Here is a list of other facts that may answer some of your questions
that you may have already.

1) We do NOT maintain any mailing lists on our system.
2) This user (hahaha) does NOT exist on our system.
3) The email that you got with the From: field of hahaha at
   did NOT come from or the hosting companies network.
   This email address was FAKED / SPOOFED.
4) The email you got is in FACT a way for the (W95.Hybris.gen) virus
   to spread itself around the world / Internet like the ILOVEYOU 
   virus of a few months past.
5) If you would look at the Received: line of the FULL email header, it
   will tell you the real IP / Computer name that has sent you this
   virus, which is most likely someone you know that is infected with
   the virus and is not aware of it.
6) The owner of the domain and the hosting company has
   setup a help page with information about the (W95.Hybris.gen) 
   virus, links to software that you can use to clean your computer
   if you are infected as well as other misc. information.
7) We did NOT create the virus or know who the person is that created
   the virus. Our hosting company and ourselfs  affiliated with this 

NOTE: As long as you don't run / open / double click on the attachment
      of this email, this virus should not be able to infect you just
      by reading the email.

Here are links to well known companies of anti-virus products that 
will show that what has been said above is true.

This is the link to the website we have setup to provide additional
information about this Virus.     (this is not a adult site of any type)

  If have any questions about this our contact information is located on 
our web site ( )

Thanks you for your time.

  NOTE: Any replys sent to this email are not viewed by us. Please use
        our contact information located on our site. Thanks.
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