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jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Fri Jan 19 11:03:21 PST 2001

Heilsa y'all,

I have added a few things to the webpage, and I thought I would share
it with those who don't visit very often:

1.  I've posted all minutes provided to me from meetings current and 
back to October.  If you did not go to Populace this month, be sure to 
read about it -- important news.

2.  I've added a link in the menu to the Seasonal Artisan.  In addition
to giving the requirements, I've listed the first one (go find out...
congrats J-M!).

3.  I also just put the local weather on our events page.  That should
be useful to anyone planning to come to our events.

As usual, suggestions are welcome.  Support your local newsletter and
e-domesday book. :)

In service,

Virtual Scribe
Barony of Raven's Fort

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