RF - Read - Serious Virus Warning!!!

MysticZ lt1_z28 at mysticz28.org
Fri Jan 19 13:09:10 PST 2001

Doug Bell wrote:
> The current version of this one has the header
> the Truth about Snowhite and the Seven Dwarves.
> It has a file dwarf4u.exe attached which contains
> the virus.  The from address is hahaha at sexyfun.com.
> The heralds list got attacked with it last night.
> If you get it delete it without opening.

Also, if you go to sexyfun.com there are instructions on how to deal
with it. The domain didn't exist before the virus so it was registered
just to help with it.
lt1_z28 at mysticz28.org http://www.sweinbrothar.org/

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