RF - Bastide des Corbeaux Work Weekend

Hrafnhildr _ ravaenwlf at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 21 12:56:49 PST 2001

Heilsa All!

This Saturday turned out to be a beautiful, if chilly, day. I am extremely 
grateful and proud of those who chose to spend it at the Stones helping out 
in preparation of the Bastide des Corbeaux.

Those who were there:
Sir Kief,HE Brian, Don Zorc, HE Chrystal, Ld jean-michel, HE Jalali, Ldy 
Claire, Ld Cathal, HL Niklas and HE Gwynn.
What we accomplished:
Cleaned out from under the cattle guard, set new posts where the old t-posts 
had been, cleared a ton of deadfall, cleaned out the kitchen.

After this heroic effort of work, most of the site workers headed over to HE 
Brian & Ldy Ayla's home to work on pre-cooking onion pies for the feast and 
completing some site tokens.

All in all, we had an immensely successful day. After the work, most of the 
workers retired to Lizard Keep for Movie Night and scrumptious dinner!
The rest stayed at HE Brian's and completed a good deal more cooking.

I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed their time 
and their sweat to helping out this saturday.
I am more than confident that our tight-nit barony will make this event one 
of the best!

In Service,
Ldy Hrafnhildr Ulfsdottir
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