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Berta Allen chrystal_dragon at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 30 21:15:00 PST 2001

One possible idea suggestion for lunch:

Though Huntsville may be considered to some to be a small community...
Did you know that in last months GQ Magazine listed the New Zion Missionary 
Baptist Church BBQ eating establishment (to some known as "Holy Smoke") to 
Pretty cool, huh

My suggestion may be to contact "Holy Smoke" and maybe set something
up, eat there or deliver it back... (thinking while typing)
They take orders ahead of time... (still thinking...) If we let them
know before hand that x # of people (guesstimation) they may work us
through a little faster?

I don't quite know where to take this topic right now, but we can discuss 
the possibility at the Populace Social this Thursday.

>From: Paul Gilbert <niklas at wt.net>
>Hi all,
>I have just been notified that we have been given the green light for
>hosting the RED TAPE MEETING for the Kingdom to be held March 24th
>(Saturday),  2001.
>Plans are for it to be held at the SHSU Art Dept buildings that we have
>used in the past, near the Chinese Buffet on Sam Houston.
>The facilities are via Lord Marius and his friend Martin at the SHSU Art
>Dept. MANY THANKS go to Marius and Martin for their help and providing the
>Now for the run down on the event.........
>This is a low maintenance event.
>Mostly it is one big meeting with little ones here and there.
>No feast, no fighting, no garb, only meetings.
>These meetings are for the purpose of sorting out the business of the
>Kingdom. We have had several (3-4) Red Tape Meetings so far and the
>officers of the Kingdom have concluded that they are very helpful in
>conducting the business of the Kingdom.
>The doors to the rooms will be unlocked at 8am on March 24th and the
>meetings will be concluded by 6pm that evening. Lunch will be own your own
>and  following the meeting, folks will also be on their own for supper,
>with a informal BYOB, etc get together to be held at my house on Pleasant
>Be sure to bring your target for those that need new cars.... long and sad
>story, ask me when you see me if you do not know the "Tale of Two Cars".
>I will be the event Steward. I will need some folks (3-4) to help herd the
>crowds and clean up afterwards. This is a pretty good and mostly self
>cleaning group. It will be a low overhead event.
>BTW, the meetings, except for a very few are open meetings and those that
>wish to see the SCA working at a Kingdom level or meet those folks that you
>have only read their name in the Black Star or seen from a-far, come meet
>them. The Crown will there, as will most to all of the Kingdom officers and
>This is a chance to learn and see our Kingdom at work. Yes, there will be
>hours of "dull, boring meetings"....... but it is thru these meetings and
>the infra-structure of the SCA at the Kingdom and Society level that the
>Baronial level can exist so we may have our fond Ravens Fort and Dream.
>If I sound like I am on a soap box, I am a bit. This is a great chance to
>see the SCA working, up close, live and in color.
>Those interested in helping, please call me on my phone or send me an 
>Any questions, let me know. We will go over some of this Thursday at
>Populace and the business meeting.
>In Service,
>HL Niklas
>Seneschal of The Barony of Ravens Fort
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